DU ProMoBE is designed for teachers (1st and 2nd level) currently serving in academic institutions.
It is not necessary to apply for training leave or part-time status in order to follow this training.

The planning of the 2021-2022 ProMoBE UD

This takes place during school holidays, as follows:
- a 1st week of face-to-face lessons, during the All Saints' Day holidays.
- a 2nd week of face-to-face lessons, during the February holidays.
- 15 webinars that will take place every Wednesday morning (from 9:00 to 12:00), between the two weeks of training (excluding Christmas holidays), completing the training.
Therefore, it is necessary to be available on Wednesday mornings, between the All Saints' Day holiday and the February holidays.

End of training

The course ends in mid-June with the presentation of the dissertation, which is the common thread of the ProMoBE UD.

How to apply?

The application campaign for the 2021 school year will be opened from 22nd, March 2021 to 22nd, April 2021.
The cost of the training is 1050€. It is possible to use one's Personal Training Account (CPF) to finance participation in the DU.
Requests for a CPF should be sent 6 months before the start of the training to the rectorate of your academy.
To complete your CPF file, you will need a training estimate.
This can be requested from the continuing education department:

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