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Financial associates


Carnot Institute of Education (CIE)

In 2016, the French National Education Ministry has launched a call for projects "Institut Carnot de l’Éducation" (Carnot Institute of Education) which aims to develop partnerships between educational research teams in universities and educational teams in different schools.
The project "Promoting Motivation and Well-Being at School" (ProMoBE) was developed in response to this call for projects. It was selected, and the funding obtained made it possible to carry out two studies:
- A pilot study that led to the development of the ProMoBE training system.
- A quasi-experimental study that tested the effects of this training device on more than 50 teachers and 1300 students.


Initiative for Excellence Project (IDEX)

In 2020, the ProMoBE project obtained funding for a postdoctoral researcher in the context of the call for projects entitled Strategic Research Initiatives (SRI) launched by IDEX University Grenoble Alpes. The arrival of this new researcher in the team will allow the pursuit of the experiments and the valorization of the results already obtained.

Academic Associates


The SENS Laboratory

The SENS Lab from UGA is the birthplace of the ProMoBE project. The work we have been doing for 20 years on motivation and motivational style in the context of education as well as sport and exercise has allowed us to develop the skills, tools, and experience needed to design and implement the ProMoBE project. 



LIPPC2S is one of the pioneering laboratories in the field of positive psychology in France. The research carried out at LIPPC2S on the promotion of well-being, and the development of psychosocial skills has greatly influenced the content of the emotion module training.



The Grenoble INSPE offers the UD ProMoBE as part of its training offer, since September 2019.

National Education Associates


Lifelong Training Department (LTD) of the Grenoble Rectorate

From 2018, following the initial experiments carried out within the framework of the Carnot Education Institute, a partnership has been set up with the LTD. The 2-day training program, developed in the ProMoBE project, has been proposed in the academic plan for the continuing education of teachers in the Grenoble rectorate.
In 2018–2019, 10 schools of the Grenoble Academy benefited from it.

Saint-Etienne College in Strasbourg

That same year, in 2018–2019, thanks to Nicolas Burel, a teacher at the University of Strasbourg and a member of the ProMoBE team, a partnership was developed with the Saint-Etienne college on the occasion of the revision of their establishment project. We carried out a diagnostic of the level of motivation and well-being of all the teachers and students of this establishment, and then proposed 2 days of training to the volunteer teachers. Following this, in 2019–2020, we accompanied the implementation of a well-being class and a project focused on the issue of evaluation and well-being of students.

IH2EF - Institut des hautes études de l'éducation et de la ...

Institute for Advanced Studies in Education and Training (IH2EF)

In 2017, we were invited to present a conference at the IH2EF as part of a day-long event on the prevention of dropping out of school. Béatrice Imbert (a member of the ProMoBE team) organized this conference.

Following this, we intervened for two consecutive years at the IH2EF as part of the initial training of management staff.


International French School of Singapore

In 2019–2020, a partnership has been developed with the International French School of Singapore. A group of twenty teachers participated in the two days of ProMoBE training. These teachers and their students also carried out two measurement times (before and after the training).

Associative Associates

Social +

Social + is an association founded by Rebecca Shankland and former students of the UD of Positive Psychology, including Béatrice Imbert (a member of the ProMoBE team), Jean-Paul Durand, and Joran Farnier (speakers in the DU ProMoBE). It brings together different professionals (psychologists, researchers, support professionals, coaches) and aims to promote positive education in different sectors: schools, universities, associations, hospitals, companies, NGOs…


Scholavie is an association founded by Laure Reynaud (speaker in DU ProMoBE) and specialized in the development of social and emotional skills of children and adolescents. It offers to education professionals support, resources and tools so that research results can be used to help improve academic achievement.



The A2FE is the French Association of Teacher Trainers. Its purpose is to promote the teacher trainer position, to contribute to the development of their professional skills, to share their professional resources, to manage a national network of trainers, and to coordinate training of trainers.

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Updated on January 24, 2024