The graphs below present the main results of the ProMoBE study. They show that:

  • The proposed training had an effect on the teachers: compared to those in the control group, teachers in the experimental group reported from T1 to T3 greater autonomous motivation towards teaching, better support for their students' psychological needs, and greater job satisfaction.
  • Students were sensitive to their teacher's change in practice: compared to those in the control group, students in the experimental group reported greater independent motivation to learn, greater perceived support of their psychological needs by their teacher, and greater academic satisfaction from T1 to T3.

Effect of the intervention on teachers

__ Experimental condition
__ Control condition


Autonomous motivation of teachers towards their profession


Teachers' perception of their motivational style supporting the psychological needs of students


Teacher job satisfaction

Effect of the intervention on students

__ Experimental condition
__ Control condition


Students' Autonomous Motivation for Learning


Students' perception of the motivational style that supports their psychological needs from their teacher


Student Academic Satisfaction