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This page offers a variety of resources designed by teachers, positive education professionals, and researchers for teachers and their students. Please, note that the resources listed below are in French.

Getting organized at work

Teaching Corp, Learning Corp

In the lockdown context, teachers have developed worksheets for students to help them be more effective, more active, and also more relaxed when working from home (Sandrine Bourrain, Maud Corvaisier, Vincent Dupayage, Marjorie Nadal, & Gaëlle Walgenwitz, 2020. Distance learning, how to go about it).


Developping psycho-social skills


To promote a return to school after the lockdown period, a team of psychosocial skills experts, teachers, and researchers developed a toolkit with a variety of practices to activate and develop the psychosocial skills of young people at all levels of education.


Socio-emotional skills at the core of education


ScholaVie is an association specializing in the development of socio-emotional skills (CSE), born to fight against school failure and to work for the well-being of young people and those who accompany them.
Many pedagogical and educational resources are freely available on their website.


Positive Education and Social Development

Social Plus

Social Plus is an association that brings together different professionals and students: psychologists, researchers, support professionals, coaches, health students...
Their goal is to promote education in the meaning of "lifelong learning" in different sectors: schools, universities, associations, hospitals, companies, NGOs...
Their actions are based on practices resulting from psychological research and are intended to benefit the greatest number of people.
The projects they support can be very useful, such as the CARE project.


Submitted on January 23, 2024

Updated on January 23, 2024